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Wrath of a Dreamer


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Women of the World

Photos by Steve McCurry


Bought a “walking around” camera, for travel or those occasions when it may not be safe to pack the full kit (because I sometimes shoot in sketchy areas).

The Fujifilm X100s is a fixed lens APS-C camera that has some very interesting features that make it kind of an oddball. Built in ND filter and leaf shutter make for some interesting possibilities. It also has no optical low-pass filter, which makes for sharper images.

Used this camera, in conjunction with w a wireless radio trigger and a Canon 600-EX RT flash to shoot this photo of Alex D. blasting a nose-bone out of the flow bowl at Fremont Skatepark.


sex money fame


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I'm not a girl. I'm a storm with skin.
Daniella Manguerra. Jerk's gorgeous bitch

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